“The Long Shot”

“Fortune favors the bold. Aiming for what is easily attainable will rarely result in amazing results. Only when the long shot is taken will there be a chance for the extraordinary. Going out on a limb is never a secure situation, but with forethought and preparation, large gains are possible. This strong Brave is taking a long shot, possibly at something thought to be out of his range, but he has honed his skills and is ready to test his abilities. Some may feel he is foolish for taking such a shot, but to him the possible rewards are worth the chance. Too, he is far from foolish, if his first shot does not find it’s mark, he has another arrow in reserve. Will his second shot be another long shot? Wisdom decrees that he spend more effort to close the range for a more probable outcome. Many times in life we admire those who take the long shot and succeed, but we may be hesitant to take such a shot ourselves. We needn’t be tentative. Do as this young Brave; build the needed skills, set your resolve, and wisely keep some in reserve, then, take ‘The Long Shot’.”

-Todd Paxton