“Chief Poundmaker” 

“Known as a peacemaker and a defender of his people, I feel that Pihtokahanapiwiyin, or Chief Poundmaker, of the Plains Cree tribe is a powerful image to represent how far we should all be willing to go to make peace flourish in the world. Chief Poundmaker, also known as “The Peace Chief” here is offering to you the sacred pipe that is universally respected by all tribes, transcending national boarders, symbolizing peace, unity, and spirituality. How far will we personally go to promote peace in the world, even in small ways?

I hope this story of Chief Poundmaker will be an inspiration for you, as it has been to me. I also hope that this bronze may remind us of the weighty responsibility and the sacrifices that have been, and will be made, for a better world.”

-Todd Paxton